We recommend you to send use your scanned photos in (jpg format) .

If this is not possible you can obtain an address where you can send them.

(We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments)

After reception of your photos, whe determine if your requested repair / treatment or design is possible. The price will be send to you by mail.

If you agree with this price setting, just transfer 50% of the amount into our account with "our reference no.". Once I've received the payment, your project will start. An example will be sent by mail (as jpg file with watermark).

After your approval, you just transfer the remaining 50% of the
agreed price.
We will send yo an invoice afterwards.

If you are not satisfied with the result (which we would regret) your
photos are returned
but no refund can be given of the 50% deposit.

We strive to bring your "project" to a successful conclusion


You'll find samples and prices here